Riding through the Fields

Whether you are a newly qualified Rider looking to be safer and more confident on the road or looking to gain confidence after an accident, or looking for motorcycle training to get you on track for an Advanced Qualification - We can help!

We cover all aspects of Advanced Rider Training as detailed in Motorcycle Roadcraft - Police Riders Handbook including:

Riding to the System of Motorcycle Control (IPSGA)

Safety & Legality
Planning & Hazard Management
Machine Sympathy & ECO Riding
Spoken Thought (Commentary)
Gear Changing
Use of Gearbox
Acceleration Sense
Mirrors and Observations
Highway Code Knowledge
Restraint / Progress

Dealing with Roundabouts / Junctions
Motorway and Dual Carriageway Riding

As a result of our Training you stand a much better chance of passing any advanced motorcycle or car test.

You will also be a smoother and safer Rider

We teach on a 1 to 1 basis so you get the best possible use of your time

Our training model is to improve your skills through learning blocks, small stages at a time, over either a 1 or 2 hour lesson, which you can go away and work on then come back and move onto the next 'blocks'. Not all day sessions to overload you with information. We understand that you need time to improve your skills between lessons.

Training is carried out by an Advanced Police Motorcyclist, IMI Motorcycle Examiner and IAM Masters Mentor so you can be sure you get the BEST training available

Become a better Rider, become a ROADSMART Rider!