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Some EDAM members will remember Lee as your IAM Examiner, but since recently retiring from Police Scotland Central Road Traffic unit, Lee is now also offering posttest training in West Lothian and Central belt.


Aiming at riders, whether they be new licence holders, back-to-biking riders, or folk wishing to upskill, Lee’s plan is offer guidance in several short sessions at intervals which will allow practise between sessions and will suit “time poor” riders who don’t have time for a whole day out on the bike training.


Also remember that a whole day’s training with an instructor, whether done solo or with a chum, can be quite tiring and expensive! Lee is using debrief guidance, reinforced by video, rather than by intra-ride comms comment, a concept I agree with because it’s reflective rather than instant, and allows for discussion.


Interestingly, the IAM have now also become risk-averse to intra-ride “guidance from a following position” for observers.


Having done a recent session with Lee; let’s call it an “IAM re-test” (though I’m not sure whether I passed!) it is always useful to get another comment and opinion of your ride. 


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By Elliot Beattie (EDAM)

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